CORNER 2016 gastronomy, PRISHTINA

The existing coffee bar, was updated in order to meet the growing needs of visitors and in the meantime, to give the coffee bar a fresh new look. Meanwhile, our focal point was to integrate the terrace design with the interior, to bring them together as one. Bringing the exterior and interior design together, is important because it gives the place the same atmosphere while making it look larger and unified. Its most significant feature, was a curved wall behind the bar, which we wanted to fit in the new design. So, we decided to change only the furniture to adapt the client’s request, to make the new design look modern and brighter, since the old design was elegant but a bit dusk.

Since the coffee bar is in the heart of Prishtina’s main square, the idea of the exterior face-lift, was to design the new façade in a way to announce the design and to give the neighboring space a fresh appearance. While the terrace was dark, the aim was to light it in a more unique way; we thought of indirect lights prior to old direct lights which come out of wood paneling, looking like they are cleaving to glitz, giving the atmosphere a brighter glance by feeling the newly-remodeled coffee charm.