CIRCUIT launch co-working office, US

Workspaces should provide a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit the movement throughout the day. Being in the same space for the day may be boring, that’s why the design should separate the area in some way. As the walls may block the natural light and are not a good idea to isolate workers, this design incorporates colors as a creative solution of “separation”.

As the colors boost happiness, productivity and creativity, we decided to paint the walls with the colors of the company’s brand, making it more powerful. The colors make the space look bright and identifies the spaces visually as they are all open. The only area that we parted was the Lab, which is enclosed with 4 feet high movable modular dividers which gives the feeling of flexibility by stacking and moving around, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic workplace.

An important thing that really matters is bringing the outdoor fresh breeze to the indoors, making the work area feel natural, cozy and home. We used indoor plants in the areas that we thought that are more representative making people feel the outdoor touch. Therefore, not only that we wanted to “generate” the greenery as the focal point, but also tried to integrate it with the interior space by putting plants on the desks.

Another use of material as per request of the client is the expression of copper, used as doors’ cladding, which is also extended above the kitchen cabinet as a big vase holder of flowers and also as a decorative detail in some parts of the area. To bring out the representative element of company’s business, the conference room cladding is plotted with circuit white wires imitating the “circuit” electronics use.

People are always looking for more interaction at work, where shared spaces are more than important. As the area is big enough, it was tented to make it a multipurpose work-space, utilized for anything from offices to casual breakout areas where people can meet up and work in the open space, to make working more enjoyable. Large shared stands make an interaction between workers, that’s why we thought that bringing them in the environment, would be a good idea as they are a symbol of kinship or alliance, where people can share ideas, chat and work together. They also can interact in the free time in the recreation area where they can make physical activity as they work all day in front of computers.