JOJO apartment apartment, GJAKOVE

It is a small place with a surface of 52m2 but thanks to the adopted space arrangement, the design could fulfill the clients’ functional plan in a small area while keeping the openness of the living space. The living room is the largest area in the apartment and contains the kitchen, which was designed as a system containing a combination of wooden storage element adjacent to a light gray painted wall, integrated in the surrounding white walls. The unification is stretched along the entire space and combines the dining area.

The materials in the apartment contain a combination of natural oak with light gray, white shades in walls of the living space and a touch of pastel green in the bedroom. This was joined by black iron, joined by textures and finish ranging from shiny to mat and from smooth to the raw and rough. The apartment is scattered with pictures and photographs, also, design elements and furniture from good design brands, giving the space the warmth of a home.